Real Estate

Geographic & Talent Intelligence,

Target the right markets.

Build winning Workforce & Location strategies.

Pinpoint and invest in the best Talent pools.

Terrain aggregates and structures vast amounts of data in order to provide clients with cutting edge talent data analytics & business intelligence.

We assess macro-, micro- and site-specific markets. We continually track Talent Flows to understand where differentiated pools of talent are going.

Our ability to unify, structure and algorithmically analyze this data creates an unprecedented view for companies enabling their leadership to quickly select the best value markets with the deepest & most recruitable talent pools helping you scale your company more efficiently & intelligently.

Corporate Real Estate Strategy

Accelerate & optimize Site Selection for your geographic
expansion or consolidation plans.

The Future of Work is already here and it’s highly distributed.

As talent & companies migrate away from traditional tech hubs, business and workforce planning has become even more critical. Yet with the proliferation & fragmentation of technology and the obsolescence of siloed data sets, it is harder than ever for leaders to create a custom, scalable data-driven strategy.

To meet the needs of your evolving business, you need a modern approach to Site Selection and workforce planning that provides a competitive edge on markets & talent as well as creates cost savings & ROI.

Helping improve operational efficiency by reducing footprint

By leveraging our unique data platform, we help you identify the most important and cost-effective locations where you can continue to invest in growth with the deepest and highest quality talent pools.

Identify top markets to attract and retain talent

The market for top talent is fierce. Our data platform gives you a competitive edge by identifying low cost or value cities where you can acquire and retain top talent cost-effectively.


Optimize Site Selection

Improve Operational Efficiency

Better Understand the Competitive Landscape

The Platform

Providing a quantitative approach to real estate & workforce planning decisions

We've built one of the largest data sets of its kind to give our clients a competitive advantage.

We actively monitor and rank 100 million people, 10 million companies and 8 million engineers globally.

Take Site Selection analysis to the next level by deeply understanding core metrics around Talent Composition, Hiring Competitiveness, Compensation & Diversity metrics,  City Attractiveness Scoring and Overall Value Scoring at a granular level to quantify cost saving and value of investment in key regions and talent pools.

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