Real Estate

Real Estate,

We leverage our first-of-its kind ML data platform to help HR & Real Estate leadership optimize expansion and consolidation decisions and drive proprietary investment decisions.

Out-maneuver the competition.

Corporate Real Estate Strategy

Optimize site selection for your next HQ or Center of Excellence

When you've tapped out on the local talent pool or realize your local market is too expensive, we help you optimize strategic workplace decisions on where to expand your next major office or locate ideal locations for building critical Center of Excellence sites.

Helping improve operational efficiency by reducing footprint

By leveraging our unique data platform, we help you identify the most important and cost-effective locations where you can continue to invest in growth with the deepest and highest quality talent pools.

Identify top markets to attract and retain talent

The market for top talent is fierce. Our data platform gives you a competitive edge by identifying low cost or value cities where you can acquire and retain top talent cost-effectively.


Optimize Site Selection

Improve Operational Efficiency

Better Understand the Competitive Landscape

The Platform

Providing a quantitative approach to real estate decisions

We've built one of the largest data sets of its kind to give our clients a competitive advantage. We actively monitor and rank 8 million software engineers and 100 million tech employees globally.

Get an edge on Corporate Real Estate Strategy

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