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Achieve Scale

We’re on a mission to help fast-growing companies achieve scale by leveraging big data to make intentional and purpose-driven recruiting, acquisition and real estate decisions.

Corporate Real Estate Strategy

Optimize site selection for your next HQ or Center of Excellence

When you've tapped out on the local talent pool or realize your local market is too expensive, we help you optimize strategic workplace decisions on where to expand your next major office or locate ideal locations for building critical Center of Excellence sites.

Helping improve operational efficiency by reducing footprint

By leveraging our unique data platform, we help you identify the most important and cost-effective locations where you can continue to invest in growth with the deepest and highest quality talent pools.

Identify top markets to attract and retain talent

The market for top talent is fierce. Our data platform gives you a competitive edge by identifying low cost or value cities where you can acquire and retain top talent cost-effectively.

What We do

We help companies scale faster & hit growth targets by harnessing and refining data

Everyday personal networks and anecdotal evidence are relied upon to make strategic business decisions - we're upending these conventional methods.We arm our clients with proprietary data and insights based on billions of data points on the talent and corporate ecosystem and pair it with human intelligence that enable data-driven recruiting, acquisition and real-estate decisions.

What our clients say

"The Terrain team help us achieve our growth targets by helping us scale our executive team. Their candidates were so good that they beat out our internal candidates"

chris tsakalakis
CeO, Vivino

"The Terrain team made strategic and intentional recruiting decisions, while redefining and shaping our internal hiring processes, to help us scale. Their process is so good, that it reshaped the way we recruit internally---for the better."

Sam zaid
Founder and CEO, Naz

Our Team

Meet the team

We are executive recruiters, data scientists and Silicon Valley veterans.  Our dynamic team offers a combined total of over 80 years innovating they way companies acquire and retain talent.  And we’re just getting started!

Our Values


We believe the best business decisions are driven by data. And we enlighten our clients by bringing a quantitative approach to all decisions.


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We genuinely believe in and care about our clients and their mission, and ground all of our interactions in mindfulness, empathy, and humility.

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The Terrain family is growing quickly. We're looking for hard-working and curious leaders to help us build the future of Talent Acquisition & Competitive intelligence.

Out-hire, out-acquire and out-maneuver the competition.

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