Head of Engineering

San Francisco, California

About Terrain:

We believe Human Capital is the most important, and least quantitatively understood, asset of a company. Terrain takes a data-driven & people-centric approach to solving strategic and complex questions for Global 2000 companies & Private Equity Investors.

We are a data science consulting & advisory firm which assists leading companies in 1) M&A Target Discovery 2) Technical Talent Diligence 3) Market Research, 4) Real Estate Strategy and 5) Executive Recruiting. We launched in 2018 and, in the last year, our clients have already included two of the largest private equity investors globally, five Fortune 50 companies and several top public & private software companies. Based on our massive proprietary data platform, we delight our clients with unique and actionable insights leading many to re-engage us for 2nd and 3rd projects or refer us to other companies.

Our ideal candidate is a unicorn – but we’re excited about candidates who seek to expand their skill set and make a huge impact on our team.


Total years of Experience:

• 4-5 years

Technical Expertise

• Proficiency writing production-quality code, preferably in Python or Ruby

• Deep understanding of all things “database” - schema design, optimization, scalability, etc

• Familiarity with our Technical Architecture

• Think of ways to automate manual / repetitive tasks and information requests

• Preferably familiar with AWS

• Ideally has worked with large data sets

Product Leader and Technical Strategist

• Be able to interpret business needs into a usable and effective product

• Have a vision of what the product needs to be today and in the future with long term orientation

• Have a strong interest in Terrain’s mission:  the intersection of talent, technology, data and real estate.  

• Think ahead of what our clients and the team will want

• Create an internal, self-serve product for the Terrain team

Systems Thinker

• Thinks of ways to automate manual/repetitive tasks

Team Leadership

• Experience building teams from scratch

• Excellent judge of talent, experienced & knowledgeable on building teams.

• You know how to get the first 10 people hired with limited support and experienced at forming teams with the right composition

• Experienced bringing in team members at the IC, Manager & Director level

• Cultivate a culture of excellence. Enable a culture of support, clear communication, nimble and effective execution, and shared ownership and accountability around goals.

• Be able attract, recruit, hire, mentor and coach great talent around you.

• Contribute as a player / coach.  Roll up your sleeves to do the work, especially in the early days.    

• Strong communicator publicly & internally

Culture Fit / Personal DNA

• Approach

o Entrepreneurial / Innovative

o Curious & Creative

o Hustle, Self-motivated

o Problem Solver

• Long Term Orientation

• Be able to leave a joke and take a joke.  

• Team player

• Be able to explain “Beacon for Dummies” to a growing recruiting team


• Innovative and creative

• Problem solver

• Be able to create something that hasn’t been done before

• You will never lose by being out-worked

Demonstrated interests:

• Strong interest in intersection of Talent, Tech & Real Estate

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