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Location: San Francisco, California

About Terrain

Terrain Advisors, a competitive intelligence and talent acquisition firm, helps clients make data-driven recruiting, acquisition and real estate decisions. With the industry’s first forward-leaning talent analysis data set of its kind, Terrain Advisors provides bespoke research on industries' most important, yet least quantitatively understood, asset—talent.

Terrain Advisor’s data engineering team actively tracks and analyzes the movement of more than 100 million people, 10 million companies and 8 million ranked software engineers, offering companies predictive insights into market trends, talent movements and hiring opportunities. Learn how Terrain Advisors can help you out-hire, out-acquire and out-maneuver the competition by visiting

The Role

This is an intense role that will require long hours.

We are a lean and flat organization – you will both analyze data and present directly to clients.

Our ideal candidate is a unicorn – but we’re excited about candidates who seek to expand their skill set.

You will be our second Research hire.


+ A background of success (demonstrated by rapid increases in responsibility) and excellence

+ While you need not have started a company, you must be extremely entrepreneurial

+ You aspire to be a CEO or start a company in the future

+ A strong background in Consulting or Investment Banking

+ Comfortable producing high-quality PowerPoint presentations and Excel models without oversight

+ Data-oriented with Python/Pandas & SQL-based data science experience or a strong desire to learn

+ Experience presenting to executives (you will present research in front of a room full of F500 CEOs)

+ At least 75% of the people you have worked with think you are an A-Player

+ You will never lose by being out-worked

+ You could answer any question & support your answer with data (you are Creative & Curious)

+ Be passionate about data & people

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