Terrain Advisors Hires Getaround’s Executive Team to Lead Next Stage of Hypergrowth

Getaround is a ride sharing company that aims to provide “a safe and seamless way for people to share cars with each other” to “change the way people think about car ownership.” The company is experiencing explosive growth, having recently expanded their partnership with Uber and secured $300 million in funding from SoftBank.

Getaround needed to build the executive layer To further scale the scale the company. As each of these executive roles is categorically critical for Unicorn startups. if one of these candidates fails, the breakage is immense, so they turned to Terrain Advisors and its CEO, Mark Jacobson, for help. We interviewed Sam Zaid, the CEO of Getaround, about their experience with Terrain Advisors.

Here’s what Sam had to say about the experience:

“Terrain does a fantastic job with providing a detailed analysis of potential candidates. Our platform is unique in the marketplace, we were undergoing a brand refresh and we compete with the most well known investors the team, so we faced immense hiring challenges. The Terrain team made strategic and international recruiting decisions, while redefining and shaping our internal hiring processes, to help us scale. Terrain partnered much better than traditional recruiters. Their process is so good, that it reshaped the way we recruit internally---for the better.”

Terrain helped fill several key positions for Getaround, including VP of Marketing, VP of People, and GM, Conveyance—setting up Getaround for future success as they continue their explosive growth.  Terrain accomplished this by creating a personal touch in their engagement with Getaround. As Sam said in the interview:

“Terrain doesn’t have junior people executing tasks, he uses senior people.” By having top-tier people handle recruiting tasks, Terrain was able to ensure that their placements for Getaround were all highly-qualified and well-aligned with the company’s goals and culture. Compare this with budget recruiting firms, which put inexperienced staff in charge of accounts to cut costs—compromising the whole process and putting bad fit hires in critical positions.

By leveraging their leadership team’s expertise and paying attention to detail in their talent acquisition strategy, Terrain Advisors helped Getaround meet their executive staffing goals and prepared them for their next growth stage.

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256 Employees

Placements :

  • VP, People (2)
  • VP Marketing
  • Senior Manager, Customer Happiness
  • Director, Customer Service & Sales Operations
  • GM, Conveyance
  • VP, People
  • Head of Talent Acquisition
  • Chief of Staff

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