Hire and acquire, unfairly.

The world's savviest companies leverage our proprietary industry datasets to out-hire, out-acquire, and out-maneuver the competition.

Who We Are

Terrain Advisors is a talent acquisition
& competitive intelligence firm.

Everyday personal networks and anecdotal evidence are relied upon to make strategic business decisions - we're upending these conventional methods. We arm our clients with proprietary data and insights based on billions of data points on the talent and corporate ecosystem and pair it with human intelligence that enable data-driven recruiting, acquisition and real-estate decisions.

Every Day Terrain Tracks



We track the inflow and outflow of 100 million employees globally, to identify talent patterns



Our propriety platform analyzes billions of corporate data points to predict future trends.


Software Engineers

We track the inflow and outflow of 8 million software engineers globally, to identify technology trends

Helping you view the markets in an unprecedented way

Who We help

We advise and guide industry leading corporations, helping to drive innovation, discover and navigate emerging markets and trends, accelerate the transformation and effectively level the playing field against the competition.


Leveling the playing field and helping Executive Leadership teams acquire the best talent, accelerate growth strategies and drive digital innovation across their businesses


Delivering people analytics and workforce planning insights to generate and accelerate impact business decisions in pre & post-M&A situations .


Working with Technical Leadership teams to identify, recruit and acquire top talent in existing and new markets

corporate development

Partnering with Corp Dev & CVC teams to curate & qualify bespoke opportunities, faster and more cost effectively.

Head of real estate

Helping Workplace & Real Estate leadership leverage data to optimize Site Selection, expand or consolidate office location and strategically identify sites for Centers of Excellence

Enhancing the value of PE-backed companies through data-driven Add-On Acquisitions, Executive Search & Geographic Expansion

investment team

Enhancing the value of PE-backed companies through data-driven Add-On Acquisitions, Executive Search & Geographic Expansion

portfolio company ceo

Helping Executive Leadership teams achieve strategic goals faster and with stronger outcomes through informed data-driven research


Helping HR leaders link talent to value and attract + retain top talent to accelerate industry leadership

head of real estate

Helping Real Estate & Workplace leadership leverage data to optimize Site Selection, Expansion, and Consolidation globally

We help late-stage growth companies with aggressive growth targets, scale their executive teams, defend against competitive threats and identify new market opportunities.


Delivering a holistic, robust suite of services to support CEO & Boards' hyper growth needs and effectively compete for top talent across all organizational levels via organic and inorganic strategies


Partnering with HR leadership to accelerate Talent Acquisition efforts for rapidly-scaling, breakout companies

Head of Real Estate

Helping Workplace & Real Estate leadership leverage data to optimize Site Selection & Expansion as well as identify key locations to tap new, efficient talent pools

Head of corp dev

Augmenting Corp Dev teams' visibility into new & emerging markets & companies to generate unique deal flow for rapid and systematic identification of highly skilled tech teams


Combining data-driven insights with deep, best-in-class operational experience building and scaling world-class tech teams for Engineering leadership


Re-imagine Talent Acquisition

Executive Recruiting

Re-Imagine Talent Acquisition

Place the perfect executive candidate to lead your next growth stage.

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Investments that Outpeform

Real Estate

Investments that Outperform

Find the perfect location for your next corporate headquarters, while identifying the best places to hire top tech talent

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Dynamic Market Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Dynamic Market Intelligence

We pair our proprietary data sets, with bespoke research to provide pinpoint accuracy for your next investment, acquisition or relocation.

Uncover Hidden Gems

M&A Target Discovery

Uncover Hidden Gems

Drill down from millions of potential acquisition targets, to a handful of perfect ones, in a few days.---the kind you won't find in commonly used databases

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The Terrain family is growing quickly. We're looking for hard-working and curious leaders to help us build the future of Talent Acquisition & Competitive intelligence.

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Out-hire, out-acquire and out-maneuver the competition.

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