Terrain Advisors, a Competitive Intelligence and Talent Acquisition Firm Built on the First Talent Analysis Data Set of Its Kind, Announces Three Industry Veteran Hires

San Francisco, CA—July 11, 2019—Terrain Advisors, a competitive intelligence and talent acquisition firm, today announced the hiring of three talent industry veterans: JC Curran, Patrick Burke and Ben Stickney.

Recognizing the “cottage industry” approach to recruiting is no longer effective and companies have been forced to work from the same data sets for years, Terrain Advisors set out to introduce a new way of thinking about talent analysis, acquisition and market intelligence. The result is the industry’s first forward-leaning talent analysis data set of its kind.

By actively monitoring the movement of 100 million people, 10 million companies and 8 million individually ranked software engineers, Terrain Advisors offers real-time insights of what’s happening in markets and regions across the country. Where traditional intelligence platforms use commonly available data to tell companies what’s happened in the past, Terrain Advisors arms clients with proprietary data projections based on billions of data points on the talent and corporate ecosystems to help make data-driven executive recruiting, M&A and real estate decisions now and in the future.

“Many businesses make business decisions, like hiring and acquiring, based on widely-available datasets, social networks and anecdotal evidence. What’s missing from this approach is a real-time analysis of the backbone of any company or industry—talent. By combining machine learning and human intelligence, we arm our clients in three important ways: by looking back at trends over time, providing clear insights and analysis on present day movements and offering forward-looking potential trends and outcomes. I’m excited to welcome JC, Patrick and Ben to Terrain Advisors to help our clients make more intentional decisions that drive growth and create a distinctive competitive advantage for directly recruiting top talent,” said Founder and CEO Mark Jacobson.

With in-depth talent analysis at the core of Terrain Advisor’s approach, the company has hired three industry veterans passionate about turning the traditional recruiting industry on its head:

  • Patrick Burke, Partner - Engineering Practice Lead. Patrick brings 27 years of staffing leadership and technical recruiting experience in Silicon Valley to Terrain Advisors, including building the early game changing teams at Apple (iPhone and iPod), Square, DJI and Houzz for four of TIME’s 50 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time.
  • JC Curran, Partner - Marketing Practice Lead. JC brings 14 years of recruiting experience. As Senior Marketing Recruiter for Salesforce, JC helped scale the marketing organization from 175 to 425 employees in just over two years. Most recently, JC led executive searches for more than 25 fast growing startups and Fortune 500 companies as Partner of Foundation Talent.
  • Ben Stickney, Partner- Operations Practice Lead. With his deep and nuanced cross-industry expertise and leadership know-how, Ben has recruited and managed more than 2,000 people in a variety of fast-paced, rapid growth operations including Amazon and The Honest Company
“We’re thrilled to welcome Patrick, JC and Ben whose specialized expertise and strategic guidance will further strengthen our ability to meet our client’s most important executive search needs. The quality of these hires reflect our commitment to bringing top recruiters and operators—with significant experience scaling some of the best companies in the world—into Terrain to deliver on our promise of attracting world-class talent for our clients,” said Founder and CEO Mark Jacobson.


Terrain Advisors, a competitive intelligence and talent acquisition firm, helps clients make data-driven recruiting, acquisition and real estate decisions. With the industry’s first forward-leaning talent analysis data set of its kind, Terrain Advisors provides bespoke research on industries' most important, yet least quantitatively understood, asset—talent.

Terrain Advisor’s data engineering team actively tracks and analyzes the movement of more than 100 million people, 10 million companies and 8 million ranked software engineers, offering companies predictive insights into market trends, talent movements and hiring opportunities. Learn how Terrain Advisors can help you out-hire, out-acquire and out-maneuver the competition by visiting terrainadvisors.com

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