Riley is a Co-Founder & Head of Product at Terrain.

Riley brings a quant finance background to the Terrain team leveraging experience across M&A, Product and Actuarial Science. Prior to joining Terrain, Riley was an Investment Banker at Union Square Advisors where he advised SaaS, eCommerce and financial sponsors on mergers & acquisitions, capital raising and strategy. Notable transactions included EMC/Silverlake & Dell ($67B), Informatica/CPP Investment Board & Permira ($5.3B), Magento & eBay Enterprise/Permira ($925M) and Digital River/Siris Capital ($840M). Riley also previously co-founded an industrial IoT startup in the AgTech space and was the VP of Finance & Product Manager of a mobile virtual reality gaming startup (acquired).

Riley graduated Summa Cum Laude with two Honors Bachelor of Science degrees from Oregon State University where he received over 20 academic scholarships. During his undergrad, Riley authored a thesis analyzing the relationship between physical attractiveness and overconfidence in public markets investors. His research found at the 5% significance level that individuals ranked in the top decile of attractiveness were more likely to recommend larger target prices for stocks than less physically attractive peers suggesting a relationship between physical attractiveness and overconfidence in investing.

In his free time, Riley enjoys growing chili peppers and making his own hot sauce. He is always striving to optimize the yield and flavor profile of his peppers despite the cool San Francisco summers.